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Al-Halqi Discusses with Algerian Ambassador Mutual Cooperation

May 8, 2013
Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi underlined the importance of enhancing economic , trade and development relations between Syria and Algeria and improving them to match up with the deep-rooted historical relations between the peoples in both countries.

During his meeting on Wednesday with the Algerian ambassador in Damascus, Saleh Bousha, al-Halqi hailed Algeria's standing by Syria at international forum and its understanding of the nature of the conspiracy targeting it.

Later, al-Halqi gave a thorough political review highlighting the scope of the conspiracy against Syria that targets the structure and fabric of the Syrian state and national economy, as the armed terrorist groups led by Jabhat al-Nusra and the Zionist entity, backed by the US and Arab states, are carrying out terrorist and vandalism acts on the Syrian soil.

He added that Syria is paying the price for its stances in defense of the Arab nation, condemning some Arab regimes which are squandering their peoples' resources in conspiring against Syria.

He also highlighted the victories and achievements of the Syrian Arab army in pursuing terrorist groups, indicating that the people and army are determined to restore security and stability to Syria.

Al-Halqi affirmed that Syria will emerge soon from the crisis and the Syrian people will always remember the support of friends, indicating that Syria is heading towards finding a peaceful solution to the crisis through national dialogue in which big strides have been made.

The Algerian ambassador underscored the support of the Algerian people to the Syrian people and leadership, stressing Algeria's rejection of meddling in the Syrian internal affairs.

Means of increasing the trade exchange volume between the two countries through enforcing the signed agreements and inking new ones were discussed during the meeting.

The two sides also discussed cooperation mechanisms in the fields of transport, textile and cotton industries, oil and others.

M. Ismael