Al-Jazeera is a partner in the war against Syria and the Syrian people

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Liberated Prisoner al-Makt Rejects to Give interview to the Jazeera TV


Sep 25, 2012

Quneitra, (SANA)-The Syrian liberated prisoner Sidqi al-Makt rejected to give an interview to the Qatari al-Jazeera English-spoken TV which went on Monday to the occupied Majdal Shams town to make the interview with al-Makt and prepare a special report on the occupied Syrian Golan.

"I rejected to interview al-Jazeera staff which is considered as a partner in the war against the Syrian people… it is the field arm of sedition in our homeland," al-Makt said in a statement to SANA Tuesday.

He added that al-Jazeera TV is carrying out the agendas of extremists to execute a conspiracy along with the US against the Arab nation interests and the way of resistance.

Al-Makt called on journalists who work in the Arab-spoken channels of media instigation, including al-Arabiya and al-Jazeera to resign, adding that he dismissed several times a request by the Arab-spoken al-Jazeera to make a similar interview as it represents nothing but "the sheikhdoms of petroleum".

The liberated prisoner al-Makt, the oldest liberated prisoner, spent 27 years in the Israeli occupation prisons under the pretext of resisting the occupation. He was released on August 22nd, 2012.

Mazen Eyon